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  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: Star Trek Into Darkness Soundtrack
  • Reading: This Star Won't Go Out
  • Drinking: Water
Hi everyone.
Thank you to all of the kind words you guys shared.
It really means a lot to me.

Unfortunately I'm not really doing all that much better.
I got in huge fights both last night and tonight with my mom.
It makes me sad. And it hurts. I love my mom. My head hurts from all the crying.
I don't have anyone to talk to as it's 12:39 am right now.
I wish I could take Advils. But they're in my mom's bathroom so... no go.

Wow, sorry guys! Don't mean to be such a downer.
I'm trying to be happy. Happier. I have to be happier.
There. That's happy. Right?

I threw a book of mine tonight in frustration and... I really love my books.
Needless to say the book received significant damage.
That made me cry harder. Embarrrrasssingggggg.
I love my books. So much. They're like my friends (wow, lame) in a way. And I damaged my own book. :'(
I'm not okay with this.
The book was called "This Star Won't Go Out"
I really have grown attached to it, too.

Okay sorry, sorry. This wasn't supposed to be another sad journal!
I wanted to do this thing dyslexic-badger did. :meow:
(Can you tell I'm trying? Please say yes. I'm going to explode.)

I was so flattered when I saw you said you'd like to meet me. Thanks for making my horrible week have some love in it. ;u;
I'd love to meet you, we'd have so much fun doing nothing productive aifusdhsjgksdghdsgh-

I'm going to fill out these things without following all the rules and all that because as the title of this journal says, I'm trying to get my mind off of things.
A wise (and somewhat annoying) teacher once said, "You can make your life what you want it to be. You are in control. It can be shit and you can be miserable... Or. You can look at it, take it slow, and be happy. Make it amazing."
I want to make my life happy and if I keep being sad all the time and focusing on everything that's making me unhappy I will BE unhappy.

I'm going to try to be better. Starting tomorrow. (Technically today, isn't it? I need sleep.)

Here I go! Have fun reading this... If anyone does.

10 Things About DevanTheNoob
1. I have anxiety problems! :la:
2. I love marble cake.
3. I have to hurry with these because I really need to sleep before school tomorrow. v_v
4. I just finished taping up my poor book :'c
5. I love Benedict Cumberbatch more than Tom Hiddleston. (Sorry Tom :c) :heart::iconsherlockbbcplz::heart:
6. I love sushi :heart::iconsushiplz:
8. Loki is a beautiful goddess. Odin is a d**k. :iconkawaiilokiplz:
9. I believe in equality.
10. I'm going to try and be better.

Now I get to answer these fun questions!!!

dyslexic-badger's Questions:
1) when was the last time you went to a zoo? if you've never been to a zoo, do you want to go to one?
I last went to the Denver Zoo last year on a field trip for zoology for school. :dummy:

2) have you ever square-danced?
I have not. :stare:

3) what's your most prized possession?
Oh god. Can I get back to you?

4) what do you think happens after death? 
I don't think anything happens. Quite honestly, I believe that's it. The end. ;-;

5) color of your bedsheets?
A very light purple.

6) opinion on a country you've never been to?
I love England and I really want to visit. *sigh* Someday... :iconunionjackplz:

7) where do you see yourself in your final years?
Hopefully not too old. I don't want to die old.

8) do you prefer dubs or subs for anime, if you watch it?
I will watch both but I prefer dubs because then I can do more than one thing while watching/listening. :iconaphitalyplz:

9) without googling it, what's the full name of the man who flew the first zeppelin? If you don't know, name someone you admired when you were younger.
I admired my mom when I was younger. I still do. I've always looked up to her. ;u;

10) ever considered running away from home?
Oh pft. Not even a question.
To answer the question, yes. I have.

This was fun!
I need sleep. ^-^
Good night, everyone.
dyslexic-badger Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
ahhhhh sorry i've been off of dA for a while so i haven't seen this yet
sorry you have to put up with that devan
i learned telling people to stay strong doesn't help much duh [slaps self] but you're doing awesome and i love you bc you're really cool and deserve the best and i'm sure many can say the same
pls try to positive, you're wonderful and super duper amazing
it'd be great to meet you irl ahahaha sorry if sounded kinda creepy
Birddog1198 Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2014
*hug* Feel better, Devan.
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